Nexus Registry

IHSS Public Authority Registry System

Find out why 43% of California counties use Nexus Registry.

A Comprehensive System

Initially released in April 2014, Nexus Registry is now in Version 4.x as we continue to add more major features, enhancements, and system performance optimizations so that it continues to be the most robust and feature-rich registry system available. Web based and cloud based, Nexus Registry is fully secure and HIPAA compliant.

It's Very Fast

Not only is Nexus very robust, it's very fast. Even the most complex consumer-provider matches only take a few seconds to complete. Profile searches only take a few seconds, and profile updates are instantaneous.

Find & Refer Providers Wizard

The Find & Refer Providers Wizard makes consumer-provider matches quick and effective. Match by consumer preferences, services required, schedule availability, geographic area, language, and other criteria to generate a list of matching providers. You can see the number of providers that match each step. If the number is too low, you can exclude the step to increase the number of providers to refer. The wizard settings can be saved for future reuse. Matches are found in a few seconds- even complex matches that have numerous requirements..

Consumer Match Tool

What do you do when a provider calls you because they need more work? The Consumer Match Tool will help you find work for a provider.

System Features

Nexus Registry is a full-featured system that's simple and intuitive to use.

Consumer/Provider Availability
Emergency/Backup Registry (BUPS)

Daily timeframes of availability allow for more accurate schedule matching. Nexus has a built-in Emergency/Back-up Provider (BUPS) schedule for providers.

Low Hours or Hard-to-Match Consumers

For low-hour consumers or hard-to-match consumers, quickly identify providers that are already going to the consumer's area.

Extensive Reports

Provides all State-required reports, plus many additional Management reports. 


Automatic To-Do lists help you keep on top of the consumer and provider profiles that require attention.

Activity History

Activity History lets you know who has been doing what in each person's profile.

Interventions & Complaints Management

Comprehensive Interventions and Complaints management with extensive reporting of time spent. Interventions and Complaints can include multiple persons and can be viewed and managed from within the profiles of the included persons.

Document Management

Built-in document management with document scanning and upload capabilities. Documents are directly available within each profile.


Send referrals via mail, e-mail, or both. Referrals can also be sent to additional persons as specified by the consumer.

Find Work for Providers

Help find work for providers by matching them with consumers that need the provider's services, are within the provider's service area, and have preferences that the provider matches to.

Upload CMIPS Files

Upload CMIPS II monthly data extracts directly into Nexus. Search the CMIPS II data that has been uploaded into the system. Add consumer and providers to the registry directly from the uploaded CMIPS II data. Important CMIPS II data can be viewed within a person's profile.

Case Notes

Add an unlimited number of case notes with an unlimited amount of text to a person's profile. A note can include other persons. The note will also appear in the profiles of the other persons.

Management Reports

Built-in management reports help you better manage your agency, along with the needs of your consumers and providers. The Annual Statistics report is amazing. 

Many more features.

Nexus Registry is Used by These Fine Agencies

Alameda County IHSS Public Authority
Amador County IHSS Public Authority *
Butte County IHSS Public Authority *
Contra Costa County IHSS Public Authority
Fresno County IHSS Public Authority *
Glenn County IHSS Public Authority *
Imperial County IHSS Public Authority *
Kern County IHSS Public Authority *
Lake County IHSS Public Authority*
Marin County IHSS Public Authority *
Mendocino County IHSS Public Authority *
Modoc County IHSS Public Authority *
Napa County IHSS Public Authority *
Orange County IHSS Public Authority
Placer County IHSS Public Authority *
San Benito County IHSS Public Authority
Santa Barbara County Not An Endorsement *
Santa Clara County IHSS Public Authority *
Santa Cruz County IHSS Public Authority *
Shasta County IHSS Public Authority
Solano County IHSS Public Authority *
Sutter County IHSS Public Authority *
Tehama County IHSS Public Authority *
Ventura County IHSS Public Authority
Yolo County IHSS Public Authority *
Yuba County IHSS Public Authority *

* Also uses our REVA IHSS Provider Orientation & Enrollment System

"After hearing about Nexus from other public authority offices about the ease of the referral process and having everything in one place, it was a no-brainer when Draft ACL (ACL) NO. 19-XX was sent out about data security concerns. Amador was all paper processing and this was extremely time consuming when getting a call from a recipient that needed a provider. We'd have to look on an excel spreadsheet to see who was available to refer and then calling each provider prior to referring out. More times than not their status had changed and they hadn't notified us. Nexus not only helps us comply with security concerns, we are more productive and have up-to-date status for all providers, enabling us to immediately refer out a provider the moment a consumer calls. Thanks Nexus!"

Program Manager, Amador County IHSS Public Authority

"A recommendation was made by the RFP evaluation panel to award the IHSS PA Registry Software Agreement to Excellesoft… the most responsive, responsible bidder whose proposal has been determined to be the most advantageous to the County. The review committee found the Excellesoft proposal demonstrated extensive knowledge of the services requested, as well as experience providing the same software solution to fourteen other Public Authorities in California. The proposal provided detailed information of their preexisting system, and the implementation plan was deemed clear and realistic. Staff qualifications were considered extensive and robust. Excellesoft provided a comprehensive response to the scope of work and the Features and Functionality Checklist. Overall, the proposal submitted by Excellesoft was unanimously recommended by the review committee…"

Publicly Published Award Notice for RFP 19-038 IHSS Public Authority Provider Registry Software

"Perhaps the most exciting capability in Nexus is the online provider check-in via email or text message.
This is going to save our staff hundreds of phone calls a month – that is fantastic!"

Program Manager, Kern County Public Authority

"I can already see that Nexus will improve efficiencies on many levels, especially for matching consumer with providers and all of the reports available to us to assist in tracking our daily progress. This program will assist us in our goal of being the best Public Authority we can be for our consumers and our providers."

Executive Director, Public Authority County of Ventura

"Nexus is organized and user friendly. We are very happy with Nexus"

Senior Staff Services Analyst, Shasta County IHSS Public Authority

"Nexus is the product we use as our IHSS registry database. It is user friendly and data rich. As the PA Director I appreciate the ability to pull good reports and be able to identify trends, staffing activity, as well as have the capability to manipulate the data sets in Excel reports when necessary for specific projects.
Staff has expressed great satisfaction for the ease of use, speed which the program pulls up lists of providers to send to consumers. We are very satisfied and highly recommend Nexus to anyone looking for a robust, user friendly registry database with great reporting capability."

Director, Public Authority Services by Sourcewise

"Nexus has helped us to optimize our matching ability and targeted referrals of our registry providers."

Supervisor, Placer County APS/Public Authority

"Nexus is a great web-based application that helps us match our consumers and providers quickly and easily. The matching is exact, so there's little guessing if the provider list will meet the needs of the consumer. We can email referral lists to the consumer, their relatives or even the social worker so that saves us printing and postage costs.
The reporting features within REVA and NEXUS provide me with all the details regarding key performance metrics and help me easily get the data I need for my stakeholder reports. Prior to the implementation of these two systems, my staff was keeping statistical data by hand!"

Executive Director, Solano County Public Authority

"The Alameda County Public Authority started using Nexus in July 2016. Prior to Nexus we used two other Registry database products. Nexus is user friendly and easy to navigate. Managerial reports are easy to read and downloadable in excel spreads sheets and allow managers to get a true picture of the activities of Consumers, Providers and Registry staff. 
Alameda County did a data merge from our prior software developer. Everything went smoothly, we stayed on track and had no delays in our launch."

Program Manager, Alameda County IHSS Public Authority

Sound Familiar?

If these are common themes in your office, then perhaps it's time to take a look at Nexus Registry.
Nexus will definitely help you improve your agency's efficiency and effectiveness.

Why Is This Thing So Slow?

Is your current registry so slow, so bogged down, and unreliable that you have to wait forever for it? Not so with Nexus. It's built on modern, web technology, with high-end, high-performance server technology.

Can't Keep Up?

Is your agency struggling to keep up with the daily tasks and isn't effectively serving your consumers and providers? The Nexus To-Dos will show you which consumer tasks and provider tasks need attention. The Nexus management reports will help you effectively manage your agency and the needs of your consumers and providers.

Why Don't These Reports Add Up?

Do your reports make no sense and seem to change depending how you look at them? That's probably because your reports are being generated from bad data on an unreliable system. The reports in Nexus are reliable, consistent, and they make sense.

Cloud Based, Web Based, Fully Hosted,
& Fully Secure

Nexus Registry is a fully-hosted, web-based, cloud-based system with full security.
Nexus Registry is HIPAA compliant.

Security certificate issued to
CAPTCHA security graphic on the sign-in page to prevent automated systems from getting past the sign-in page.
Encryption of all pages.
Automatic 90-day password expiration.
User permissions are validated on every page.
Automatic sign-out after 20 minutes of inactivity.
Several more security features.

First-Class Support

We provide implementation project management to guide you through the transition from your existing system to Nexus. After that, you'll get full support to ensure that you get the most out the system and to help you with any issues or questions as soon as possible.

Project Management
& Training

We know that changing to a new system is never a minor thing. We will provide implementation project management and put together a comprehensive training program that meets your needs.

Data Migration

We will provide project management oversight to ensure that your existing data is migrated correctly so that when you go live with Nexus, everything is exactly as it should be. We always make an extra effort to correct your bad or inconsistent data.


Excellesoft provides stellar customer support. We quickly respond to support requests and provide timely resolution of issues- both system and user workflow questions. In addition to being experts on our systems, we are fully knowledgeable about the social service programs we support.

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By the way, have you seen our IHSS Provider Orientation & Enrollment system? It's called REVA. Please visit the REVA info site.

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